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Your Partner for Marine IT Solutions

Your Partner for Marine IT Solutions

Your Partner for Marine IT Solutions

Navigating Excellence in
Marine IT Solutions

Revolutionizing Maritime Technology

Revolutionizing Maritime Technology

Revolutionizing Maritime Technology

Smooth Sailing with Tailored
Marine IT Solutions

Achieving excellence thru' collaboration

Achieving excellence thru' collaboration

Achieving Excellence Through Collaboration



Exabyte Infotech LLC is a young startup driven by innovative & creative thinking, started in Sharjah, UAE to meet the growing demands of Marine IT Services.  Today, Exabyte is emerging as one of the leading Marine IT Services providers capable of blending International Standards.

Exabyte has vast experience in the Marine Industries with a team of Master Mariners, Chief Engineer, Naval Architect, Crewing Managers and Marine Engineers to take care of all the marine needs of our esteemed clients.

Exabyte’s Marine IT Services provides real-time data driven insights, enabling the Ship owners & managers to make informed decisions to strengthen all aspects of business and Fleet performance.

Exabyte stands tall as a leader in Marine IT Services, setting a precedent for excellence that transcends conventional paradigms. From Vessel IT Services, IOT & Automation, Cyber Security and Marine ERP Services, Exabyte’s suite of services caters to the intricate demands of the marine industry. 

Our expertise transcends conventional boundaries, forging a path toward efficiency, reliability, and innovation. Our commitment to excellence, precision, and security in the realm of Marine IT Services places us at the forefront of innovation, setting a standard that resonates across the Maritime Industries.

Our Core Values



To become Leader for Digital Transformation & Nominated Partner across Maritime Industries.



Our Primary Mission is to create Values thru’ Technological and Process Innovations.



Our Goal is to Develop Tomorrow’s Solutions for Sustainable Marine Operations.

Seamlessly Connecting Seas, Uniting Global Presence

Exabyte Locations

Our Services


Our support encompasses a wide range of IT-related solutions tailored specifically for maritime environments. It includes maintenance, troubleshooting, and management of onboard systems, such as communication networks, navigation equipment, software applications, and hardware infrastructure.

Our Vessel IT Support aims to enhance operational efficiency, improve connectivity, and address technical issues promptly to ensure uninterrupted and secure communication, data management, and navigation capabilities while at sea. Exabyte’s Vessel IT Services plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance and safety of vessels in the maritime industry.



Exabyte’s Marine IoT & Automation services revolutionize maritime operations, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the industry’s evolving needs. It involves the utilization of interconnected devices, sensors, and automation systems onboard vessels. These technologies enable real-time data collection, analysis, and decision-making, optimizing various aspects of maritime operations.

Exabyte’s Marine IOT facilitates remote monitoring of equipment, predictive maintenance, fuel efficiency management, and environmental monitoring. Automation streamlines tasks like navigation, cargo handling, and engine controls, reducing human intervention and the potential for errors. This integration of IoT and automation revolutionizes the maritime industry, offering improved performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness.


Exabyte excels in Marine Cyber Security, delivering comprehensive protection for maritime operations. Our services encompass real-time threat detection, 24/7 monitoring, and incident response. We safeguard critical systems, navigation, and communication networks using cutting-edge technology and tailored risk assessments. Compliant with international regulations, our solutions mitigate risks and ensure vessel safety.

Our expert team, well-versed in maritime threats, offers proactive defense, minimizing downtime and potential damages. Exabyte’s Marine Cyber Security Services provide a shield against cyber threats, securing vessels and upholding operational continuity amidst evolving digital challenges. Trust us for robust cyber defense, safeguarding the integrity of maritime assets.

Exabyte Infotech LLC


Exabyte leads in Marine ERP Solutions, offering a centralized platform for streamlined maritime operations. Our comprehensive system manages finances, HR, supply chain, and maintenance, providing real-time data insights critical for decision-making. We optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Exabyte’s Web-based Marine ERP Services herald a new era of efficiency & optimization in  maritime domain.

Tailored for the maritime sector, our ERP features robust financial management, inventory control, and HR functionalities. Scalable and supported by expert guidance, our solutions grow alongside your business needs. Exabyte’s Marine ERP Solutions are the compass guiding efficient, compliant, and future-ready maritime businesses toward sustained success.


Exabyte specializes in comprehensive yacht repair and maintenance services. Our team of experienced marine professionals ensures that your vessel receives meticulous care, from routine maintenance tasks to complex repairs.

With expertise in dry docking, antifouling, teak deck maintenance, hydraulic platform upkeep, anode and battery renewal, we prioritize the longevity and performance of your yacht. Whether it’s engine maintenance, electrical system inspections, safety equipment certifications, or environmental compliance, we provide tailored solutions to keep your yacht in top condition. Trust Exabyte for unparalleled service, attention to detail, and peace of mind on the water.

Yacht Repair

Other marine Services

redefining maritime technology

Bunker monitoring

Accurate real-time monitoring at each fuel transfer point, monitoring of multiple simultaneous fuel transfers.

Fuel Management

Vessel Leasing compliance, Asset Protections, Emission Control Compliance, value addition to chartered customers.

Voyage Management

Improved ship-to-shore communication with integrated historical data for customized analysis.

ship repair & maintenance

Our Expertise Spans the Installation, Maintenance, & Optimization of Intricate Systems & Automated Processes Onboard Maritime Vessels.

electrical & instrumentation

Experts in Marine Electrical Instrumentation & Automation, Safeguarding Maritime Systems for Safe, Efficient Operations

global riding squads

We offer global riding squads for ships / offshore requirements, delivering prompt maintenance & repair solutions.

project management

We Specialize In Meticulous Project Management, focusing on Ship Conversion, Retrofit Solutions, and Seamless Integration of Advanced Technologies as per Industry Standards & Requirements.

Pre - commissioning services

Offering Pre-Commissioning Services of Stringent Standards, Comprehensive, Internationally Compliant Documentation For Traceable Compliance With Applicable Codes.


During ship takeovers, specialized onsite IT support from Exabyte ensures smooth transitions by completing IT infra installation and assisting incoming crews. Team Exabyte evaluates and optimize systems, ensuring seamless operations, cybersecurity, and ongoing technical support for efficient vessel management post-takeover.

1SAID, SUEZEGYPTV-SAT Support in March'23
2SINGAPORESINGAPOREVessel IT Support in March'23
3VADINARINDIAVessel IT Support in Aug'23
4MERAKINDONESIAVessel IT Support in Aug'23
5KAKINADAINDIAVessel IT Support in Aug'23
6MERAKINDONESIAVessel IT Supoort in Sep'23
8YALOVATURKEYVessel IT Support in Oct'23
9PORT SUEZEGYPTVessel IT Support in Oct'23
10FOS-SUR-MEREFRANCEVessel IT Support in Nov'23
11MALTAITALYVessel IT Support in Nov'23
12MALTAITALYVessel IT Support in Nov'23
13BUNATIINDONESIAVessel IT Support in Jan'24
14BUNATIINDONESIAVessel IT Support in Feb'24
Vessel IT Support in Mar'24
16MALTAITALYVessel IT Support in Mar'24



Exabyte boasts an experienced team comprising industry stalwarts, including Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, Crewing Managers, and Marine Engineers.


Exabyte upholds a culture rooted in the commitment to service quality excellence by engaging highly skilled resources strategically, aiming to amplify productivity & mitigate risks. 

Latest Technology

Exabyte prioritizes implementation of cutting-edge technologies to enhance marine service operations thru’ a next-generation operating model and aim to sustain new levels of agility, efficiency, intelligence & security within the industry.

Exabyte Infotech LLC

Service Delivery

Exabyte showcases its global service delivery prowess by harnessing technical expertise and establishing strategic partnerships at multiple ports worldwide.

Real time data

The system offers real-time, data-driven insights, empowering ship owners & managers to make informed decisions that fortify every facet of business & fleet performance.

Optimised Cost

Exabyte delivers comprehensive Marine IT solutions crafted with the latest technology, enabling them to achieve seamless synchronization between technical solutions and specific business needs, all at a highly competitive price point.

Sail into seamless maritime IT solutions.

Competitive pricing, superior quality

Our Clients

* All logos, brands used here are property of their respective owners, which are used for identification purpose only and does not imply any endorsement.


Vessel IT Services optimize operations, offering real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and robust cybersecurity measures, ensuring safer and more efficient maritime endeavors.

Yes, by enabling predictive maintenance, optimizing fuel consumption, and streamlining operational processes, these technologies contribute significantly to reducing overall operational costs for maritime businesses.

Web-based services offer enhanced accessibility, scalability, and real-time updates compared to conventional on-premise systems.

Robust cybersecurity measures are employed, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, regular security audits, employee training on cyber hygiene, and implementing secure communication protocols.

IMO’s guidelines, such as the ISM Code (International Safety Management Code), STCW Convention (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping), and SOLAS Convention (Safety of Life at Sea), stress the integration of modern IT systems for safer and more efficient operations.

Marine IT Services encourage innovation in AI, sustainable technology, cybersecurity, and autonomous vessels, shaping the future of maritime operations.

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