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Your Partner for Marine IT Solutions

Your Partner for Marine IT Solutions

Your Partner for Marine IT Solutions

Marine IT Services

Revolutionizing Maritime Technology

Revolutionizing Maritime Technology

Revolutionizing Maritime Technology

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Achieving excellence thru' collaboration

Achieving excellence thru' collaboration

Achieving excellence through collaboration


About Us

Exabyte Infotech LLC is a young startup driven by innovative & creative thinking, started in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates to meet the growing demands of marine services. Today, Exabyte is emerging as one of the leading marine solutions providers capable of blending international standards. Exabyte stands as a trailblazer in the maritime industry, delivering cutting-edge IT services tailored explicitly for marine operations. Their comprehensive suite of solutions redefines efficiency, safety, and technological advancement within the maritime domain.

Marine IT Services

Our Core Values


To become leader for digital transformation & nominated partner across Maritime Industries.


Our primary mission is to create values thru’ technological and process innovations.


Our goal is to develop tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations.

Meet The Team

Vinod Pillai

A business leader having created business strategies for his company and its businesses and has successfully implemented them to bring turnaround and new growth areas in all his assignments. A highly successful and results orientated IT professional with rich experience of training & crewing operations in Marine industries. His extensive experience of working with various ship management companies equips him with an in-depth knowledge of end-to-end shipping processes. After a successful career spanning of around 18 years; he started to walk on his dream path of entrepreneurship. Vinod realized that it was need of hour to develop a system which can monitor the safety and efficiency of vessels and is optimised for environmental regulation purpose. To turn this opportunity into a concrete reality, Vinod had co-founded Exabyte Infotech LLC in UAE with a mission to provide best-in-class marine IT solutions to customers across the globe.

Manas Das
Director & COO

A Self-driven & motivated entrepreneur with long track record of success and extra-ordinary achievements in all aspects of business development, operations, technology, sales & marketing. Manas has extensive experience in strategizing and executing tech-innovative projects. Manas possesses a wealth of knowledge encompassing various contemporary economic, social, and regulatory issues. He has over 30 years of experience in IT industry, working in core technologies and leading organization from the front with key focus in delivery, operational efficiency and innovation. He is the founder, CEO & Director of Exabyte Infotech Private Limited; he has grown the company from an idea to a business in the challenging time of pandemic. After successfully establishing the company in India, Manas had co-founded Exabyte Infotech LLC in UAE to meet the growing demands of marine services and formulated the company’s visions, goals and objectives.



Exabyte boasts an experienced team comprising industry stalwarts, including Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, Crewing Managers, and Marine Engineers.


Exabyte upholds a culture rooted in the commitment to service quality excellence by engaging highly skilled resources strategically, aiming to amplify productivity & mitigate risks. 

Latest Technology

Exabyte prioritizes implementation of cutting-edge technologies to enhance marine service operations thru’ a next-generation operating model and aim to sustain new levels of agility, efficiency, intelligence & security within the industry.

Exabyte Infotech LLC

Service Delivery

Exabyte showcases its global service delivery prowess by harnessing technical expertise and establishing strategic partnerships at multiple ports worldwide.

Real time data

The system offers real-time, data-driven insights, empowering ship owners & managers to make informed decisions that fortify every facet of business & fleet performance.

Optimised Cost

Exabyte delivers comprehensive Marine IT solutions crafted with the latest technology, enabling them to achieve seamless synchronization between technical solutions and specific business needs, all at a highly competitive price point.

Our Services

vessel it services

Onsite & Remote

Exabyte has IT Engineers available at various locations across the globe to visit vessels at respective ports and provide complete networking and hardware support.

Exabyte provides 24/7 remote support for the IT setup inside navigating vessels to maintain their system performance & minimize the downtime.

Exabyte Service Locations

IOT & Automation

The Power of Exabyte's IoT in Maritime Industries

Marine IoT Solutions

Advanced Sensor Integration: IoT solutions incorporate state-of-the-art sensors to gather comprehensive data on vessel conditions, environmental factors & operational parameters.

Real-time Data Analytics: Leveraging IoT, Exabyte provides real-time data analytics, enabling swift decision-making for efficient vessel management.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Exabyte’s systems facilitate remote monitoring and control of marine systems, ensuring proactive maintenance and rapid responses to anomalies.

IOT in Marine

Automation Innovations

Autonomous Navigation Systems:  Exabyte pioneers autonomous navigation systems, employing AI algorithms to navigate vessels safely and efficiently.

Predictive Maintenance Solutions: Exabyte’s automation includes predictive maintenance tools, reducing downtime and enhancing operational reliability.

Safety Enhancements: Through automation, Exabyte enhances safety protocols, deploying collision avoidance systems and predictive analytics for risk assessment.

Marine IT Applications

Fleet Optimization: Exabyte’s solutions optimize fleet management by analyzing data on routes, fuel consumption, and logistics, leading to operational efficiency.

Environmental Sustainability: With IoT, Exabyte contributes to environmental monitoring, aiding compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

Cargo Logistics Management: Exabyte’s automation streamlines cargo handling, tracking, and inventory management, ensuring seamless operations.

Key Advantages

Heightened Safety Measures: Exabyte’s systems enhance safety through real-time data analysis and automated safety protocols, mitigating risks effectively.

Operational Efficiency: Automation by Exabyte streamlines operations, reduces human errors, and optimizes resource utilization, leading to efficiency gains.

Cost-saving Solutions: Exabyte’s predictive maintenance and efficient operations result in significant cost savings, notably in fuel consumption and maintenance expenses.

Challenges & Compliances

Robust Cybersecurity Measures: Exabyte emphasizes robust cybersecurity protocols to safeguard against potential cyber threats to its IoT and automation systems.

Integration Complexity: Exabyte navigates the complexity of integrating IoT and automation solutions into existing maritime infrastructure seamlessly.

Regulatory Alignment: Exabyte ensures its solutions comply with evolving regulatory frameworks governing automation in maritime operations.

Future Prospects

Advancements in AI Integration: Exabyte continues to push the boundaries of AI integration for more sophisticated decision-making and automation.

Expansion of IoT Networks: Exabyte envisions expanding interconnected IoT networks for enhanced data exchange and deeper insights.

Evolving Automation Standards: The company remains at the forefront of evolving automation standards, contributing to shaping industry norms.

cyber security

Safeguarding Maritime Operations

Exabyte is aiming to lead the forefront in providing robust cyber security solutions specifically designed to fortify the intricate technological frameworks within the maritime industry. Their comprehensive suite of services ensures to secure critical maritime operations against evolving cyber threats.

Tailored Cyber Security Offerings

Vulnerability Assessments: Exabyte conducts comprehensive assessments to identify vulnerabilities in maritime systems and infrastructure.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): Implementation of advanced IDS to swiftly detect and respond to potential cyber breaches or unauthorized access attempts.

Firewall Configurations: Customized firewall solutions to fortify network perimeters and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive maritime data.

Advanced Threat Monitoring and Response

Real-time Monitoring: Exabyte employs cutting-edge tools for continuous monitoring of maritime networks and systems to detect anomalies promptly.

Rapid Incident Response: Swift response mechanisms in place to mitigate cyber threats and minimize potential damage or disruptions to maritime operations.

Threat Intelligence Integration: Incorporating threat intelligence for proactive measures against emerging cyber threats specific to the maritime sector.

Compliance and Regulation Adherence

International Maritime Organization (IMO) Guidelines: Following IMO guidelines i.e. Resolution MSC.428(98) on Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safty Management.

Industry Standards (e.g., ISO/IEC 27001): Adhering to ISO/IEC 27001 for information security management systems applicable to the maritime sector.

Data Protection Measures: Implementing encryption protocols and data protection strategies to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive maritime data.

Cyber Security Training and Awareness

Employee Training Programs: 

Conducting specialized cyber security training programs tailored for maritime personnel to foster a culture of cyber security awareness.

Phishing Simulations: Initiating simulations to educate and prepare maritime staff against phishing attacks and social engineering threats.

Future Ready Proactive Security Measures

Threat Hunting and Predictive Analysis: Employing advanced analytics and threat hunting techniques to anticipate and proactively address potential cyber threats specific to the maritime sector.

Adaptive Security Solutions: Continuously evolving security solutions to adapt and counteract emerging cyber threats in the evolving maritime landscape.

Client-Centric Leadership Aproach

Collaborative Partnership: Exabyte collaborates closely with maritime clients, understanding their unique operational challenges to deliver tailored cyber security solutions.


Leadership in Maritime Cyber Security: As an industry leader, Exabyte sets the benchmark for cyber security in the maritime sector, constantly innovating to ensure the highest level of protection.

Marine erp solution

Streamlining Maritime Operations by web-based ERP System

Exabyte offers comprehensive ERP solutions tailored explicitly for the maritime industry. These solutions integrate cutting-edge technology with maritime-specific functionalities to optimize and streamline various operational aspects within maritime organizations. Exabyte’s Marine ERP Services pave the way for streamlined, efficient, and integrated management of maritime operations, ensuring optimal resource utilization and heightened operational efficiency.

Exabyte offers comprehensive ERP solutions which leverages the experience of its team members i.e. ex-Captain, ex-Ship Manager, Marine Engineers, Naval Architect from global ship managers & marine service suppliers in the management & project team.  Exabyte’s operational and technical expertise ensures that clients are in receipt of complete control of the vessel or fleet of vessels & able to get complete transparency of all activities undertaken on-board and onshore.

ERP in Marine

Features of Exabyte's Marine ERP Services

Unified Platform Integration: Exabyte’s ERP integrates diverse maritime operations onto a unified platform for seamless management.

Vessel Maintenance Management: ERP solutions cover maintenance schedules, inventory tracking, and automated maintenance notifications for vessels.

Crew and Resource Allocation: Efficient allocation of crew, resources, and assets, optimizing deployment based on operational needs.

Financial Management: Inclusive financial modules for managing budgets, expenses, and procurement specific to maritime operations.

Maritime Operational Functionalities

Fleet Management: Streamlined management of fleets, encompassing route planning, fuel optimization, and scheduling functionalities.

Supply Chain Optimization: Optimizing supply chain operations by ensuring efficient procurement, inventory management, and logistics.

Regulatory Compliance Support: Ensuring compliance with maritime regulations and international standards through ERP functionalities.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Real-time Analytics: Providing real-time data insights into operational patterns, weather conditions, and equipment performance.

Customizable Reporting: Tailored reporting functionalities offering insights into operational efficiencies, cost analysis, and compliance adherence.

Benefits from Exabyte's ERP Services

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamlining processes, reducing redundancies, and enhancing productivity across maritime operations.

Improved Resource Utilization: Optimal allocation of resources, including vessels, crew, and inventory, leading to cost savings.

Data-driven Decision-making: Leveraging data analytics for informed strategic planning and better decision-making.

Future-focused Innovations

AI and Predictive Analysis: Integration of AI-driven predictive analysis for proactive maintenance, risk assessment, and operational optimization.

IoT Integration: Incorporating IoT sensors and data for enhanced monitoring, predictive maintenance, and safety measures.

Marine IT Services

Client-centric Leadership Approach

Collaborative Partnerships: Exabyte collaborates closely with maritime clients, understanding their specific needs to deliver tailored ERP solutions.

Leadership in Maritime ERP Solutions: As an industry leader, Exabyte sets the standard for ERP solutions, continuously innovating to meet evolving industry requirements.

Other Services.

redefining maritime technology

Bunker monitoring

Accurate real-time monitoring at each fuel transfer point, monitoring of multiple simultaneous fuel transfers.

Fuel Management

Vessel Leasing compliance, Asset Protections, Emission Control Compliance, value addition to chartered customers.

Voyage Management

Improved ship-to-shore communication with integrated historical data for customized analysis.

seamless vessel it support - exabyte at the helm

During ship takeovers, specialized onsite IT support from Exabyte ensures smooth transitions by completing IT infra installation and assisting incoming crews. Team Exabyte evaluates and optimize systems, ensuring seamless operations, cybersecurity, and ongoing technical support for efficient vessel management post-takeover.

Sl No.PortCountryServices details
1Said, SuezEgyptV-SAT Support in March'23
2SingaporeSingaporeVessel IT Support in March'23
3VadinarIndiaVessel IT Support in Aug'23
4MerakIndonesiaVessel IT Support in Aug'23
5KakinadaIndiaVessel IT Support in Aug'23
6MerakIndonesiaVessel IT Supoort in Sep'23
7GibraltarUnited KingdomVessel IT Support in Oct'23
8YalovaTurkeyVessel IT Support in Oct'23
9Port SuezEgyptVessel IT Support in Oct'23
10Fos-sur-MereFranceVessel IT Support in Nov'23
11MaltaItaliVessel IT Support in Nov'23
12MaltaItaliVessel IT Support in Nov'23

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Vessel IT Services optimize operations, offering real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and robust cybersecurity measures, ensuring safer and more efficient maritime endeavors.

Yes, by enabling predictive maintenance, optimizing fuel consumption, and streamlining operational processes, these technologies contribute significantly to reducing overall operational costs for maritime businesses.

Web-based services offer enhanced accessibility, scalability, and real-time updates compared to conventional on-premise systems.

Robust cybersecurity measures are employed, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, regular security audits, employee training on cyber hygiene, and implementing secure communication protocols.

IMO’s guidelines, such as the ISM Code (International Safety Management Code), STCW Convention (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping), and SOLAS Convention (Safety of Life at Sea), stress the integration of modern IT systems for safer and more efficient operations.

Marine IT Services encourage innovation in AI, sustainable technology, cybersecurity, and autonomous vessels, shaping the future of maritime operations.

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